Information about unused Russian visas with validity period starting not earlier than March 15, 2020


1) In the case the applicant has already a visa sticker issued and attached to his passport (only for single/double entry for business, private, tourist, etc),  visa validity period starts not earlier than March 15, 2020, he/ she is entitled to visa fee waiver in the case he/ she is willing to apply for the Russian visa again. The rule applies to the similar visa type as per the issued one.

NOTE: those who have applied to the Russian visa but the visa was neither processed nor attached to the applicant`s passport are NOT eligible for the visa fee waiver;

2) Visa fee waiver is possible if the applicant applies ONLY for the similar type of visa with new travel dates;

3) Visa fee waiver is possible  if  the new visa validity dates are within six month since the entry ban lifting between the Russian Federation and the applicant`s county of origin or from the date of Russian Government Directive No 635-P is considered null and void (in the case the date is to be declared earlier that the entry ban lifting);

4) Together with visa application forms and documents the applicant should provide a written letter (form attached) in the name of the Head of the Mission stating that force majeure circumstances (MCO, COVID-19) were the reason he/she could not complete the trip earlier on a previously obtained visa.


Please be informed that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia can not extend the validity of issued visas.

Should you opt to change the date of your trip you need submit documents for a new visa and make payment for it. The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation does not provide refund for previously issued visas.

We really appreciate your understanding.


"Dear applicants! Please be advised that there is no Russian Visa Center in Malaysia authorized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation".



List of the documents to be submitted to the Consular Section:

1. Passport (and a copy of it)

- The original Passport must be valid within 6 months after visa expiry date and contain at least 2 blank pages left for the use of visa sticker and stamps.

- Damaged passports or passports with marks, reservations, records, erasures, corrections, torn pages are not acceptable.

For non Malaysian passport holders, the applicants must copy Malaysian Visa / Malaysian Entry Stamp / Malaysian IC / Permanent Resident IC.

2. Electronic visa application form (one per person)
Starting from February 9, 2015 the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia ceases to accept handwritten visa application forms and will only be processing electronic versions of visa application forms filled in and printed from the specialized website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation located at the following address:

Corrections and amendments in the application form made by hand are not acceptable.

3. One passport-size photo glued to the form

4. A copy of travel/health insurance policy (Only for EU citizens)
- It must be valid in Russia for the whole period of the journey.
- Details of the policy including the policy number, dates of validity, etc. must be stated in the visa application form as well.

5.Visa supporting documents depending on the main purpose of visit:
An official letter of invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or the Russian Federal Migration Service on request of the host organization.
- Only the original invitation is acceptable!
- An HIV/AIDS negative test (not older than 3 months) must be provided when applying for STUDY and WORK visas.
These types of visas can be single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry. Single-entry and double-entry visas are valid for 1 or 3 months. Multiple-entry visas are valid for 3, 6 or 12 months.

• TOURIST visas:
A standard «tourist confirmation» and a «tourist voucher» issued by the authorized host Russian travel agency or the hotel only.
- The documents must contain an applicant's name, passport number, dates and points of arrival and departure, cities to be visited, agency's reference (registration) number.
- All the information in the documents as well as the stamps and signatures must be clearly readable.
The maximum validity of Russian tourist visas (single and double) is 30 days.

- Applicants going for auto tourism should also enclose a photocopy of Vehicle Registration Certificate, travel itinerary and the names of the accompanying persons.

- Tourists on board of Cruise ships have the right to stay in the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 72 hours. They may leave the ship and come back on board as a part of an organized tourist group only. Tourists who would like to leave the ship on their own must apply for a tourist visa.

• PRIVATE visas:
An official letter of invitation (in original only) issued by a local branch of the Russian Federal Migration Service on request of the host person.
Private visa can be valid for up to 90 days and can be issued for single or double entry.

• TRANSIT visas:
Valid tickets for entry and exit from the Russian Federation or guarantees of its purchase in the Russian Federation, a valid visa of the country you want to enter after leaving Russia (if required by that country) or passport of that state.
- A Transit visa is not required if you remain in the transit zone of the airport within 24 hours in order to catch an onward or connecting flight. Transit visas can be valid for maximum of 3 days if travelling by air and 10 days if travelling by train.
- Passengers travelling to/from Belarus and Kazakhstan via the Russian Federation need to obtain the transit Russian visa irrespectively of their duration of stay in Russia.

Each type of visa corresponds to the purpose of your visit to the Russian Federation.  It is important for you to apply for the right type of visa, the one that corresponds to the purpose of your trip, in order to enjoy your visit to Russia without legal problems, should it be a tourist journey, a home stay with a relative or friend, a business trip, or a transit.
Please, note that visas type cannot be changed. If your travel plans changed after visa was issued you have to reapply for a new visa abroad.
You don’t need to book a flight ticket before you apply for a visa.
It is recommended not to buy the ticket until the visa is granted.
Please be advised that person cannot have two valid visas in one passport. In this case the first visa is to be cancelled.


visa can be single-, double- or multiple-entry.

     Single-entry visa is valid for one visit to Russia with specified dates of the earliest arrival and the latest departure.
     Double-entry visa is issued for two entries within a period indicated in visa. A maximum term of stay in Russia with a single- or double-entry visa is three months on condition that this term is indicated in your visa (with the exception of tourist visas).
Double-entry tourist visa issued to a foreign citizen only if the documents during his stay in Russia includes a visit to Russia’s neighboring States (CIS countries (CIS, Baltic States)) or of the country, which repayment is carried out through Russian territory (e.g. China, Mongolia). The route must be specified in the confirmation of a foreign tourist issued by a host Russian organization.       
     Multiple-entry visa is normally issued for a period up to one year without any limitations on the number of trips (entries) within a period indicated in visa, but with a permitted period of continuous stay no longer than 6 month (re-entry visas issued by the Ministry of interior affairs in Russia in favor of foreign students, employees or contract workers may allow a longer permitted term of continuous stay).

Normal time for visa processing is 7-10 working days.
There are urgent and express visa processing. That means that if you are ready to pay extra fee (please check tariffs) you can get your visa on the next working day open for public (urgent) or on the same day (express).
Express (same day) processing is only available if the volume of work technically permits. Visa processing starts after we have collected all necessary documents. So please kindly prepare your documents beforehand and do apply in good time.

According to the Russian legislation the consular section reserves the right to accept visa applications for the period of consideration of up to 20 working days.

If you apply personally, you should get a pick-up slip from visa officers confirming visa fee payment. You should present this slip to pick up your visa when it is ready or refer to its number to check out the status of your application. The earliest date of collection is indicated in the slip.
Visa processing fees received from the applicants are not subject for reimbursement in case of subsequent refusal.

According to the Russian Government’s decree № 413 (as of August 16, 2014) “On immigration card”, any foreign citizen while entering the Russian Federation has to obtain and complete an immigration card, and present the completed card to the authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service.

After verifying accuracy of information in the completed immigration card and its correspondence with the data in foreign citizen’s visa and passport, Russia’s Border Control Service puts a mark of entering the Russian Federation in the immigration card.

Immigration card forms are handed out to foreign citizens upon entering the Russian Federation free of charge by authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service or by representatives of organizations, rendering transport services to foreign citizens, who enter the Russian Federation

Foreign citizen has to keep the immigration card during the whole period of stay in the Russian Federation and present the card along with other documents for registration at the place of his temporary residence.

In case of damage or loss of the immigration card, foreign citizen is obliged to report the fact of damage or loss to the local office of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation at the place of foreign citizen’s temporary residence within three days. Upon presentation of documents that foreign citizen used to enter the Russian Federation, he receives a duplicate of immigration card free of charge.

While leaving the Russian Federation, foreign citizen has to return the immigration card to the authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service at the exit point of state border of the Russian Federation.

It is a common knowledge that the right to allow entrance on its territory is a courtesy of any country.  Thus visa can be denied if the Consulate has serious reasons to believe that the applicant's visit to the Russian Federation is not desirable, the disclosure of the reason for the denial can be withheld. Besides, the Consulate reserves the right in certain cases to consider your visa applications for as long as it deems necessary. However, even if visa is granted, it does not guarantee entry on the territory of the Russian Federation. Like in most other countries, the decision to allow entry is eventually taken by the immigration officials. Therefore, a visa holder is recommended to carry as a back-up for possible presentation during immigration control the same evidence that was submitted to the consular officer in support of his/her visa (an original of travel voucher, a copy of travel confirmation or a copy of official invitation).

Upon arrival to Russia you will have to register as a foreigner. Registration is mandatory as required by the Russian Laws that regulate entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Depending on which type of visa you have in your passport registration process is varied from registering in a hotel to registering at the Passport and Visa Agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Processing time, requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice!


If you have renewed your passport which contains valid Russian visa, you need to apply to us for a visa transfer.
Please submit:
     1. Electronic Visa application form (Visa application form must be filled online, printed out and signed personally by the applicant. One recent photo (size 35 mm x 45 mm) must be glued to the form);
     2. New Passport: Original AND Photocopy (Passport must have at least two empty pages and must expire not earlier than in six months after tip to Russia);
     3. Old Passport: Original AND Photocopies of first page AND to-be-transfered visa page;
     4. The visa fee - RM 144.

In case of further questions you are welcome to contact the Consulate by phone (daily from 9.30 am till 1.00 pm). However, considering work content and limited working hours consular officers are unable to answer all individual phone calls. Therefore you are kindly advised to forward your queries and requests to our e-mail address: or otherwise visit the Consulate in person to get detailed comments and proper advice. You are also welcome to send your comments about the content of this site to the same e-mail address. Your feedback will be thoroughly considered and used for its further development and improvement.

Incomplete applications will be returned at the expense of the applicant. Be sure to provide all the documentation requested. Processing fees and handling fees are not refundable.The Consulate may at any time request further information or additional documents deemed necessary. General conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
Please note that a visa is not an applicant’s right and may be denied. It does not guarantee the right of entry or stay in Russia and can be cancelled at the discretion of the Russian immigration authorities.