04.04.2018. Comment by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova regarding the statement by the JIT on primary radar data provided by Russia in the Malaysia MH17 case

We were asked to comment on a statement by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) with regard to the primary radar data provided by Russia. “The Russian radar data was examined by two independent experts. The experts confirmed the JIT’s earlier conclusions. The fact that there is no missile in the radar images can be explained by several things and does not mean that the missile was not in the air space.”

Here is what I would like to say. Specialists at Almaz-Antey Concern presented their expert assessments of the so-called conclusions by Dutch prosecutors. The concern refuted every postulate of the above experts, whose arguments do not stand up to scrutiny. As was explained at length at Almaz-Antey, Russian radar could not have failed to detect a missile if it had been launched from the site on which the Joint Investigation Team has been stubbornly insisting.

As a matter of fact, this is a strange approach. In Russia, entire departments, relevant organisations and corresponding agencies were involved in the analysis of the primary radar data that was subsequently handed over to the investigators, while the JIT entrusted this analysis to two unnamed experts. Who are these people? What kind of experts are they? What do they know? What can they do? Have they ever dealt with similar cases before? Nothing is clear. Anyway, this does not seem to be a professional, high-skilled approach.

The impression is that JIT representatives are looking for the slightest possible argument that more or less fits into the necessary version, looking for any justification that would support their initial assumptions. The experts they employed do not examine in their analysis the possibility of a missile flying from another direction, although the Russian radar data obviously points to that.

Let me remind you again what the initial radar data handed over by Russia represents: this is irrefutable, objective data which is impossible to forge, edit or change. Any expert in this area, above all an international expert, will confirm this. The data clearly shows that the missile that supposedly downed Malaysia Airlines MH17 could not have been launched from the area indicated by JIT representatives.

26 September, 2016. Press-conference on the newly revealed primary radiolocation data that was gathered in the airspace above the area of the MH17 plane crash by Russian Ministry of Defence and a company that produces radiolocation radars. 


Press-Conference on October 15, 2015

Clarification: by the moment of the tragedy the village Snezhnoye was occupied by rebels, while village Zaroschenskoye was occupied by Ukrainian armed forces. According to Almaz-Antey investigation, the missile was launched from the territory of Zaroschenskoye village.

Press-conference on October 15, 2015:

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