Important information

Information about unused Russian visas with validity period starting not earlier than March 15, 2020

1) In the case the applicant has already a visa sticker issued and attached to his passport (only for single/double entry for business, private, tourist, etc),  visa validity period starts not earlier than March 15, 2020, he/ she is entitled to visa fee waiver in the case he/ she is willing to apply for the Russian visa again. The rule applies to the similar visa type as per the issued one.

NOTE: those who have applied to the Russian visa but the visa was neither processed nor attached to the applicant`s passport are NOT eligible for the visa fee waiver;

2) Visa fee waiver is possible if the applicant applies ONLY for the similar type of visa with new travel dates;

3) Visa fee waiver is possible  if  the new visa validity dates are within six month since the entry ban lifting between the Russian Federation and the applicant`s county of origin or from the date of Russian Government Directive No 635-P is considered null and void (in the case the date is to be declared earlier that the entry ban lifting);

4) Together with visa application forms and documents the applicant should provide a written letter (form attached) in the name of the Head of the Mission stating that force majeure circumstances (MCO, COVID-19) were the reason he/she could not complete the trip earlier on a previously obtained visa.

Please be informed that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia can not extend the validity of issued visas.

Should you opt to change the date of your trip you need submit documents for a new visa and make payment for it. The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation does not provide refund for previously issued visas.

We really appreciate your understanding.

"Dear applicants! Please be advised that there is no Russian Visa Center in Malaysia authorized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation".