Immigration card

According to the Russian Government’s decree № 413 (as of August 16, 2014) “On immigration card”, any foreign citizen while entering the Russian Federation has to obtain and complete an immigration card, and present the completed card to the authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service.

After verifying accuracy of information in the completed immigration card and its correspondence with the data in foreign citizen’s visa and passport, Russia’s Border Control Service puts a mark of entering the Russian Federation in the immigration card.

Immigration card forms are handed out to foreign citizens upon entering the Russian Federation free of charge by authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service or by representatives of organizations, rendering transport services to foreign citizens, who enter the Russian Federation

Foreign citizen has to keep the immigration card during the whole period of stay in the Russian Federation and present the card along with other documents for registration at the place of his temporary residence.

In case of damage or loss of the immigration card, foreign citizen is obliged to report the fact of damage or loss to the local office of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation at the place of foreign citizen’s temporary residence within three days. Upon presentation of documents that foreign citizen used to enter the Russian Federation, he receives a duplicate of immigration card free of charge.

While leaving the Russian Federation, foreign citizen has to return the immigration card to the authorized personnel of the Russia’s Border Control Service at the exit point of state border of the Russian Federation.


It is a common knowledge that the right to allow entrance on its territory is a courtesy of any country.  Thus visa can be denied if the Consulate has serious reasons to believe that the applicant's visit to the Russian Federation is not desirable, the disclosure of the reason for the denial can be withheld. Besides, the Consulate reserves the right in certain cases to consider your visa applications for as long as it deems necessary. However, even if visa is granted, it does not guarantee entry on the territory of the Russian Federation. Like in most other countries, the decision to allow entry is eventually taken by the immigration officials. Therefore, a visa holder is recommended to carry as a back-up for possible presentation during immigration control the same evidence that was submitted to the consular officer in support of his/her visa (an original of travel voucher, a copy of travel confirmation or a copy of official invitation).

Upon arrival to Russia you will have to register as a foreigner. Registration is mandatory as required by the Russian Laws that regulate entry/exit and stay of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation. Depending on which type of visa you have in your passport registration process is varied from registering in a hotel to registering at the Passport and Visa Agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Processing time, requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice!