Useful tips for travellers

Migration Card

Since February, 10, 2003 besides having a valid Russian visa in their valid passports, foreign nationals going to Russia (with the exception of the members of the diplomatic missions and international organisations) are required to fill out special migration cards on coming to Russia. Migration cards are introduced for the purpose ofmigrationcontrol on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Migration cards are provided free of charge to foreigners aboard a plane, on a train or at the port of entry. It is required to write in personal data, terms and purposes of visit and the prospective place of residence in Russian or English (all in capital letters). The Card is to be presented to the Russian Border Control officer along with a national passport and travel documents and later at the time of applying for registration in the local office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 3 days after your arrival or within 1 day if you stay in hotel. Negligence can result in penalties and fines.

In case of loss of your migration card, please report to any office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately.

Please keep part B of the Migration Card along with your passport until the departure passport control procedure. Re-entry of a foreign citizen may be restricted in case if the person did not submit the migration cards during his last stay in the Russian Federation.

Visitors are advised to carry their passports with a registered visa and migration card because random document checks are carried out by local police. Failure to provide proper documentation can lead to undesirable detention to establish foreigner's identity.

Re-entry visas

We strongly recommend all Malaysian students and temporary workers to duly attach (for instance, by stapling) your book-like green multiple-entry visas issued in Russia to your passports because of numerous reports of such visas being occasionally lost. In case of loss you wouldn't be permitted to enter Russia. A new official invitation from your institute or employer will be required for a new entry-visa processing.


Emergency cases

In case of emergency please contact Malaysian Embassy or Russian authorities. In fire, crime or health emergency you should contact by phone the following emergency services: Fire Department - dial 01, Police Department - dial 02, Paramedics - dial 03.

In case of or passport loss inform your Malaysian Embassy immediately to get a proper substitute.